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Find WPS Pin On Printer To Setup & Configure

In this Post We Will Guide You On How to Find WPS Pin on Printer & Get Your Printer Configured in an Easy Way. This Post is a Clean Guide & Confusion Remover Between Users Who are Looking for WPS Pin On Printer.

To Make You Understand the Topic & Clear Any Confusion we have Divided The Post Into 2 Clear Headings to Find the WPS Pin On Printer & Connect Using it.

WPS Pin On Printer

Printer Connection With WPS Method is Considered to be the Fastest & Most Secure Way of Connecting the Printer With Wireless Network But to Those Who want Easy Setup Often lack the Correct Information About Wps Pin On Printer.

Please Understand If You are Looking to Connect the Wireless Printer With Computer, Phone, Or Tablet Using WPS Pin then There is Different Method But If You are Looking to Connect Printer With Wireless Router Network then there is a different Procedure To work With & We Are Going to Explain it all To You in this Post-

Update – We Will Also Provide You Steps On How to Setup Printer With the WPS Button instead Of the WPS Pin But let’s start With the Pin method First.

What is WPS Pin ?

WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) Pin is a Secure Secret Code Generated By Router Or Printer to Connect Wireless Devices With It. It Helps you With Quick Installation & Setup of Printer Or Any Other Wireless Enable Devices.

Do You See a Box On Your Computer Saying Enter WPS pin to Connect With Printer Then Follow this Guide Below-

Connect Printer With Computer Using WPS Pin

To Connect The Computer, Phone Or Tablet With Wireless Printer Using WPS Pin is Quite Easy Just Follow the Steps-

  • Go to the Printer & Plug the Printer to the Power Source & Turn it On.
  • Insert the paper into Paper Rollers & be Print Ready.
  • Go to Your Printer Control Screen Menu & Press the Key With Wireless Icon On it. Once the Wireless Light is On & Blue Please Press it again Once More Than Press the Information Key Once
  • Wait for Printer to Print All the Printer Configuration details.
  • You Can Find WPS Pin for Printer On this Document Which is Valid for 5 Minutes to Connect Any Wireless Device With Printer
  • You Can Regenerate the WPS Pin On Printer Using the same Method if you Need to Generate it One more time.
  • Go to Your Computer Or Phone Available Wifi Network List & Connect With the Network With Printers Name & Model Number on it.
  • While Connecting the Printer it may ask for the WPS Password.
  • Now Insert the password in the Box On your Computer to be connected With the Printer.

Note – This Method is Not For Printer Driver Setup This is Only to Connect Printer With Compute & Phones. For Easier Connection You Must Install Hp Printer Driver First However it is Not Mandatory. find Wps Pin for Hp printer using the methods given.

Connect Printer With Router Using WPS Pin Or Push

While Connecting Printer With Router Using WPS Method Which Involves Two Methods, Both are Kind of Similar But One is Easier than the Other One.

  • WPS Pin Method
  • WPS Push Method

Let’s Start With the Pin Method First –

WPS Pin Method

To connect the printer with the Router Using the pin Method is easy Once You have located the WPS Pin For Router.

  • Now the First Way is to Go to Your Router & Look at the back of your Router, Under it, You may Find a sticker Containing all the Default Information Including WPS Pin.
  • You Can Also Login to Router to reset a New Or Different WPS Pin For Your Device.
  • Make sure You Enable WPS on Router

How to Connect Printer With Router Using WPS Pin

If You have already Installed Printer Software Then Upen Asking the Connection Between Computer & Printer If you have chosen the WPS Pin Method then it Will Require a WPS Pin Or You Can Initiate WPS Pin Method On Your Own. Let’s see How –

  • Make Sure the Printer is Connected To Power Outlet & Turned On.
  • Go to Your Printer Control Panel & Now You have to Locate Wi-fi Protected Setup (WPS Setup)
  • Go to the Wireless Setup Or Look For Network Settings
  • Select Wi-fi Protected Setup then Select Pin Method
  • Use Menu Keys to Type the WPS Pin That you Did Find on the Router & Your Printer Will be Connected With the Router.

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