Firstly there is No Need to Panic Or start de-assembling the Printer Because Some Online Website  Or forums Recommends That. Take it Slow & Let’s Gather Some Facts Before We address the issue –

What is Support Code 6000?

Normally if Your Canon Printer Says Support Code 6000 Or  Printer error has occurred then most of the Time You may have Something Inside the Printer Blocking the Line Feed (LF) but there Can Other Reasons Too That may Cause Canon Printer to Provide the Same Code 6000 Error. Let’s List out Some Of the Reasons-

  • Ink Cartridge Holder is Stuck
  • Possible Paper Jam inside Canon Printer
  • Paper feed Tray is Not Set Properly
  • Blockage to Paper Feed Tray From Inside Or Outside
  • Defective Line Feed Or Sensor Unit
  • Multiple Printing Commands Overload
  • Foreign Object, Dust Obstacles, Or Small Paper Pieces Stuck in the Paper path

Now Please Follow the Steps Given Below to fix the canon Printer Support Code 6000 error-

Reboot Canon Printer

Often This Problem Can be Fixed with a Simple Reboot So Please Turn Off Canon Printer & Disconnect the Power Cord From Electric Supply then Wait for 3-5 Minutes.

Disconnect the Power Cord

In the Meantime Remove the Ink Cartridges & Plug them back Properly Make Sure It Placed Well Otherwise It May Cause the Same Error.

Change printer inkjet

Now Plug the Printer Back in Power & Restart it Then Check if the Printer is Working Fine Now.

Connect the power cord

Use the Power Key

Turn off the Printer & turn the Power Supply On Then As soon as your Printer Starts Powering on Press the Power key & Hold it. While Holding the Power Key Tap on Stop Key 3-4 Times

Press Power Button

After a minute Restart the Printer Normally & See if it works

Also, Learn About Why Canon Printer is Offline in case you see a printer not printing.

Clean the Printer

Turn Off the Printer & Open the Print Cover. Remove any paper jam inside the Printer gently. & Clean the Paper feed & encoder strip Try With a Cotton Cloth. Use a Compressed vacuum cleaner to Clean the Dust & Foreign objects inside the Printer.

clean your printer

Reset & Reconfigure Printer

sometimes the best way to counter the trouble is to reset the printer to default settings and start the configuration from start. Please go to a detailed article on canon printer reset to default settings and connect the printer to wifi to start the configuration.

once you have reset the printer Please go to to download the printer software and start the setup process.

Buy New Instead Of Repair

Friends, First You Need to Make sure that Your Canon Printer is Offline & its Not Gonna Work & No Matter How much you try the Problem is within the Printer hardware then instead of Going for repair we recommend Buy a New Canon Printer because that way you get new warranty & the cost of repair & new Printer is Often Not too distant.

before you do that give it a last shot at what the community has to say about this.

Please Comment Below & Let us Know if You Need More Help. Feel Free to Contact Us For Any kind Of Printer Related Problem. if You Believe the Your Printer is Completely Gone & it Not going to Work then it’s Best you buy a new printer or contact support to get it checked one last time.