How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam

How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam?

First of all, make sure there is no waste paper or a paper clip in the printer output and input tray, and then you need to try to pull the stuck paper slowly, and then sometimes you will be able to remove it from the paper output tray. But, sometimes you won’t be capable to do it.

In that case, you need to turn the printer around and you will be able to see a latch with an arrow pointing to the left side.

Now, you need to push the latch towards the left-hand side and it would open up the printer. You will now, be able to see the paper jammed inside the printer.

you can take the paper out in a very slow gentle manner. Be careful, if you try to pull the paper out forcibly it may damage the printer sensors and it would stop detecting the paper in the tray.

if paper is badly stuck, not coming out

in certain cases, you may face issues taking the paper out even slowly and gently because the paper is badly stuck in the printer rollers and print head.

canon paper is jam

In such cases, you need to turn the printer on and the paper will come out through the way where the cartridges are installed.

Press Power Button

You can then turn the cartridges to the left or right corner and take out the paper from the tray.

take out Ink Cartridge

Also, make sure there are no pieces of paper left behind as these residual paper pieces can get stuck in the printer when you try to print a document again.

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Fix Canon printer paper jam

First of all, verify that there is a paper jam in the Canon LaserJet printer. In certain cases, your printer may show you error messages on the printer screen that there is a paper jam in the printer, and in some printers, you will see the power light keep flashing indicating that the printer is unable to print.

Please follow these steps to resolve the paper jam issue:

1- Turn the printer “Off” and wait for a few seconds and turn the printer back on.

Connect the power cord

2- Sometimes, the paper jam will be automatically cleared out by the printer during the power cycle.
3- If it does not clear the error message, turn the printer “off” and unplug the power cable from the printer.

Disconnect the Power Cord

4- Take out the toner cartridges and paper access tray for better access to the jammed paper. Make sure you store the cartridge in a dark place as the cartridge drum is light-sensitive.

5- Try to find out the location of the jammed paper inside the printer and follow the path of the paper going in from the feeder to the output tray.

6- If you see the paper jammed, gently remove it. If you still don’t see the paper, there is an access hatch in the printer’s back panel.

7- Now, remove all the paper pieces stuck between the printer rollers and pull the paper out in the direction of regular motion, and do not put excessive force on the rollers.

clean your printer

8- If you try to forcibly remove the paper from the printer, it may damage some delicate parts of the printer, and use both hands while removing the paper.

9- After removing the printer, try to find some foreign objects such as paper clips, a loose paper which may cause paper jams in the future.

10-Use a Small Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Such Foreign Objects & Dirt Every Once in While Out of your Printer.

if left unfixed these issues would cause the canon printer in an error state so to avoid these issues follow the Next Method. read more on canon error 1403 which can cause the same trouble.

If the paper jammed deep inside the printer fuser

If the paper is jammed deeper in the fuser, your fingers may not reach the paper. In that case, try to remove paper using the pincers. You need to pay very close attention as scratches on the roller can permanently damage the printing quality.

In some models, you can remove the fuser unit and rotate the gears manually that feed the paper in the printer.

Remove paper at Fuser of the printer

To avoid paper jams in the future, never fill the tray to the full capacity and make sure the feedings on the tray are aligned properly.

Now, clean the paper feed rollers with alcohol, and if you have a frequent paper jam in the printer. You need to replace damp paper in the tray.

Within Our Understanding Sometimes there is a Unique Problem Called False Alarm Like There is No Paper Jam But it says it is there So in that situation.

We Recommend You Disconnect the Canon Printer From Power & uninstall the software to begin Fresh.  go to to Learn & Download the canon Printer software, driver, manual, etc.

I hope all this Information Can help you fix the Paper Jam Issue in Canon Printers. We are committed to Improving & Updating this information According to user Feedback/Suggestions. do check out what other community has to offer.

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    1. My MX330 indicates that there is a paper jam, however no paper was found after going through the machine. I continues to indicate there is a paper jam and won’t let me print. I have unplugged the printer for 30 minutes.

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