Today, we will discuss how to connect and set up the Canon wireless printer on your Windows laptop or desktop computer. The Canon printer can be easily installed wirelessly either by connecting it first to the internet or attaching your printer directly to your computer via USB cable and let the computer setup and install the printer itself.

Getting Ready to Install

1- First, ensure that the printer is plugged in and powered “ON”. – If your printer required the “Ethernet cable” to connect and access the internet, you need to connect the Ethernet cable to the printer from the router.

2- Ensure that you have installation software to install the printer on your computer. If your Canon printer came with an installation disk, you will need to install the software on the computer by inserting the CD into your computer. Then, let the installation software run by itself before you set up the printer on the wireless network. Unlike the latest Canon printers, some printers require you to install the printer software package from the CD before you can use the printer.

a) In order to install the printer via CD, you need to first insert the disk into the computer and, run the printer setup and follow the onscreen instructions. In the case of MacBook, you will need the external CD ROM drive to install the software for your Canon printer.

b) you can Download the Canon Software From Offical Canon Website & Start The Setup Process. to download the canon Manual Or Driver go to & follow the given instructions to install the Canon printer driver.

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Setup Canon Printer With Wireless

3- Establish the internet connection on the printer: This includes using the Printer LCD panel and run the “network setup wizard” utility to connect the printer to the network by selecting the network you want to connect the printer with and enter the “Network Security key”. ‘

4- Make sure that printer is connected to the same network as your computer is: In order to receive wireless print commands from your wireless devices, your printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which your other devices are connected with. If you find out that your computer is connected to a different network, then change the network and connect the computer to the same network.
5- Installing the Canon printer on the Windows computer – Open settings on the computer by clicking on the “Gear” icon on the left bottom corner of your windows home page and then choose “devices”.

6- Click on “printer and scanners” on the left-hand side and click on “Add Printer”, a pop window will show up and if you see your printer’s name such as Canon (printer’s model name), click on that. You will need to click on “connect” and you will find out that your Canon wireless printer is already connected to the computer.

Add a Printer

7- Try to install the printer on the network using the USB cable connection – If you are unable to see your printer in the “Add printer and scanner” list, you need to first install the printer using the USB cable with your computer.
Attach the USB cable between computer and printer and then wait for 2-3 minutes so that the computer can recognize the printer. Now, go to Canon’s official driver’s site for printers and download the latest version of the software for your Canon printer.
After you download the Canon printer software package, run the software and when the connection method window appears, you need to choose the ” wireless setup using the USB cable”.

Now, it will show you the list of available networks on the window.
Now, choose the network you want to connect your printer with, and enter the “Network Security key” for your WiFi network. You need to now click connect and once the printer is successfully connected, you can go ahead and try to print any document. if your Printer Shows Offline then the Setup has Gone Wrong & its time to Reconfigure it.

Note – In Case You Don’t Know what is the Password for your Wireless Router Please log in Your Router Dashboard Using the default Ip For Your Wireless Router. Try default Ip such as Or

I hope all this information Helps you Setup the Canon printer with wireless. Please comment below & let us know if you need more help.

Contact Canon Tech Support For Assistance 1-855-641-4246

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