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getting errors in any printer is quite common but knowing the right steps to solve the problem is quite critical and that is where we help you. Know the cause behind canon error 1403 and how to fix the problem in detail.

What is Canon Error 1403?

At the point when your Canon printer’s control panel demonstrates a 1403 error message, in the majority of cases the issue lies with the printer’s print head. This error message prompts if any of the cartridges present is damaged or the print head is unable to move appropriately.

Sometimes, improper installation of the print head can also cause this error message to pop up on the printer. Today, we will discuss diagnosing and troubleshooting this kind of issue.

Canon printers are enjoying the benefits of being a champion among the most supported devices for several reasons. In any case, sometimes the Canon printer may encounter unanticipated printing errors, error code 1403 is one of them. This error message can also happen due to a damaged print head or if the print head is missing.

In case if your printer is quite old and you are sure that the print head has gone defective, the best option is to get it replaced. If your printer is not too old and you feel like this issue is not caused by a damaged print head, you can contact technical support for the Canon printer and get the necessary troubleshooting assistance to resolve your Canon 1403 error.

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Troubleshoot Canon Support Code 1403

As we understand that at this point the print head has gone bad and this issue occurs due to a problem in the cartridge sometimes. Do whatever it takes not to get frustrated and you can basically fix it using some simple and especially explained steps.

1. First of all, switch the power of your printer off and disconnect all the cables attached to the printer.

Turn off canon printer

2. Open the printer access door and sit tight for a couple of minutes to wait for the printer carriage to slide over to a corner and right after the carriage moves evacuate ink cartridges from the print head zone.

remove ink cartridge

3.  then remove the print head from the printer.

remove print head

4. Replace the old ink cartridges with the new ones and make sure the cartridges are properly unpacked and installed properly in the printer.

5. If you are using cartridges that are not too old, you can use cotton swabs and soak them into high-temperature water either a mix of Isopropyl and boiling water.

After that, use it to clean the print head and ink cartridges. Similarly, most of its parts contacts should be perfectly cleaned from inside and outside accurately. Perform this step until the moment that you get the perfect clean-up of all ink build-ups.

Clean print head

6. After you get the steps completed, hold up till the moment those ink build-ups go away and then change the ink cartridges afterward.

7. Place the print head and all the ink cartridges back into the printer. Make sure the print head is installed properly and ink cartridges are not empty before inserting them into the printer.

Install ink cartridge

Reset Canon Printer

Now once we are through with hardware troubleshooting we must check up the software glitch possibility because upon troubleshooting no stone should be unturned, if the canon printer not printing then try this set of troubleshooting steps to help you check up the list properly.

make sure your canon printer doesn’t go to offline mode while trying to fix an error.
If after performing above mentioned steps you are still getting the Canon 1403 error message on the printer
Please Reset the printer to default settings and start the setup process.

Please contact the support team to help you troubleshoot the printer and settings. do comment below and let us know if you need further help.