Why Paper feed rollers have stopped feeding paper in the HP printer?

We will guide you what to do if your HP printer does not pick up or feed paper from the input tray when you have loaded paper in the tray, and the printer shows “out of paper” message on the printer control panel’s display or the computer. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed just by […]

How to Fix HP Printer that Does Not Recognize New Cartridge?

Is your brand new HP printer is not recognizing the replacement ink cartridge or a new toner ink? This is something that most people experience every now and again, so you are surely not the only one. A printer not recognizing the ink cartridge is one of the most common problem customers faces with their […]

How do I Print With Canon Printer Without Colored Ink?

Most of the printers today available in the market come with multiple cartridges installed in them. These different ink cartridges are used by the printer to print pictures and documents of various colors. Majority of printer don’t print until the empty cartridge is replaced with the brand new cartridge. There is one widely popular option […]

Ink cartridge full Still Hp printer not printing. Why?

If the ink cartridges are full in HP printer but printer is still not printing, then it may be an issue with the ink cartridges. Sometimes, even if you replace the cartridges, the black ink cartridge does not work. The HP printer works fine but when you try to print the blank ink documents, it […]

How to Clean Printhead Of Canon Pixma Printer?

Most of the Canon Inkjet printers have a removable print head that holds the ink cartridges inside the printer. If you have a color inkjet printer, it is really important that you print a couple of black and colored documents each and every week to maintain the ink circulation and keep the ink flowing to […]

How to Connect Canon Printer With Wireless?

Today, we will discuss how to connect and set up the Canon wireless printer on your windows laptop or desktop computer. The Canon printer can be easily installed wirelessly either by connecting it first to the internet or attaching your printer directly to your computer via USB cable and let the computer setup and install […]

Setup Canon Pixma Wireless Printer with an IOS device

Today, we will discuss how to set up a Canon Pixma printer on the wireless network with the help of an IOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone using the cable less setup. Install The Canon App First of all, download the Canon print app on your IOS device. In order to install […]

How to Fix Error E04,E05,E14 & E15 in Canon Pixma

As we all know that Canon printer is the most recognized and popular printer in the world. When it comes to getting the print outs, the Canon printer is the most reliable and sophisticated printers in the world. There is a nothing quite worst like an unprecedented Canon Pixma Error message when you try to […]

Canon Printer Won’t Print | Fix Canon Printer Offline Problem

Most of the times, printer problems occur during highly critical times. Today we are going to assist you with the steps to troubleshoot your Canon printer if it stopped printing and you are using your computer, smartphone or tablet to print documents. Canon printers can work for several years and are capable of printing thousands […]

How to Fix paper jam issue in Canon Pixma Printer

First of all, make sure there is no waste paper or a paper clip in the printer output and input tray and then you need to try to pull the stuck paper slowly and then sometimes you will be able to remove it from the paper output tray. But, sometime you won’t be capable to […]