Why Paper feed rollers have stopped feeding paper in the HP printer?

We will guide you what to do if your HP printer does not pick up or feed paper from the input tray when you have loaded paper in the tray, and the printer shows “out of paper” message on the printer control panel’s display or the computer.

Sometimes, the problem can be fixed just by doing a printer reset.
1> Press the power button to switch the printer off.

2> Now, wait for 60 seconds. Waiting for complete 60 seconds is important for this kind of reset
3> Then, hit the power button to turn the printer back “ON”

Press Power Button

4> Wait for the printer to turn back on completely until it stops making noise.
5> Now, align white paper by tapping the stack on a flat surface.

6> Then, take out the input tray and load paper into the input tray until it stops.

7> Slide the paper width guide inward until it stops at the corner of the paper stack.

Slide paper width stack inwards

8> Note- Do not push the paper guides so hard that it starts bending the paper in the tray.
9> Slide the input tray back in the printer.


10> Try printing a test page from the printer to see if your HP printer feeds the paper in. If the issue is resolved, you can go ahead and start printing from the printer as normal.

If the paper does not go in, move forward to the next step:
Check the paper condition
Check the condition of the paper you are placing the input tray as it can cause the printer not to feed correctly.
In some HP printers, tray 2 is an optional accessory. If tray 2 is installed, proceed further with the next steps. Otherwise, follow these steps with the tray 1.
1> Slide out the paper input tray.
2> Remove the paper from the paper input tray.
3> Now, slide out the input paper tray 2 and remove the paper from this tray.
4> Also, remove any damaged paper you find.
5> Make sure there are more than 10 pieces and less than 25 pieces of plain white paper in the paper stack.
6> Indeed, the HP printer is capable of holding way more paper than this but this is an ideal number to test the printer
7> Make sure that all the papers are of the same size and type.
8> Load paper in the input tray 1 until it stops and slides the paper width guides inward until it stops at the edge of the stack.
9> Slide in the paper input tray and try to print a test page using the printer’s control panel display to check if the issue is resolved.

If the printer works fine, you can resume using the printer and if not, you can follow these steps:

Clean the rollers
With time, the printer rollers can get dirty from dust, paper clips and other debris that falls into the printer.
In this case, we need to clean the rollers. Before you start, you need to gather the following cleaning material such as clean lint-free cloth, clean cotton swabs, clean water and do not use alcohol or another chemical cleaner.

clean your printer

Slide the paper tray out and remove the paper and slide the input tray back in.
Turn the printer off by pressing the power button,

Turn around the printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer.

Disconnect the Power Cord

Remove the duplexer unit by pushing in the 2 tabs on both sides of the duplexer and then pull it straight out of the printer.


Clean the rollers visible in the printer with the lint-free clean cloth lightly moistened with water. The cloth should not be soaking wet.

Wipe each roller clean beginning with the right side of the roller and wiping it to the left.
You can use your finger to turn the roller up as you complete the cleaning of one section of the roller.
Ensure that you remove any debris or build up from the surface of the rollers.
Now, you need to look for the paper feed roller farther inside the printer and blot the swab on the cotton cloth to remove excess water from the cloth.
Clean the roller with the swab removing any debris or build up.
This is the most important thing to clean, and after you are done with the cleaning, reattach the duplexer back into the place and plug the power cable back.
Now, go ahead and try to print a document again.

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How to Fix HP Printer that Does Not Recognize New Cartridge?

Is your brand new HP printer is not recognizing the replacement ink cartridge or a new toner ink? This is something that most people experience every now and again, so you are surely not the only one.
A printer not recognizing the ink cartridge is one of the most common problem customers faces with their printers when replacing an empty cartridge or changing a new one. This can adversely affect your printer when you are replacing refurbished, remanufactured, third-party or refilled cartridges and you are looking for an option to fix this issue.
We will explain to you why this happens and how you can resolve it?
There may be a time when you are replacing an empty cartridge or changing a new one, you may receive one of the error messages like.

Types of Errors

  • The printer shows “Toner is not compatible”
  • Your printer says” Cartridges are not detected” or the printer cannot detect ink cartridge.
  • A low-level ink or empty ink cartridge error message shows up on printer and computer screen.
  • Sometimes, you may get an error message like “HP printer cartridge blocked” or “cartridge protection blocked”
  • An error message on the printer saying “no cartridge installed”.
  • There are warning lights flashing on the printer.

Following are the causes of why your printer shows these error messages:
Printer requires internal memory reset: When you reset your printer’s internal memory, it should automatically start recognizing the ink cartridges. Make sure it is detecting full ink level or full cartridges. However, sometimes a printer does not do that when the printer’s internal memory is full and it still thinks there is an old cartridge installed in the printer even though you changed it with the new one

Protective tape or strip:

In case, if you forget to remove the protective covering from the ink cartridges when you first take out the cartridge from its packaging, the printer will surely not be able to detect the newly installed cartridges and this will cause printer errors.


Damaged or dirty metal contacts:

The new HP ink cartridges have multiple numbers of metallic contacts that connect to the similar metallic contacts in the printer so the printer can send instructions to the cartridges and it will be able to get the ink out of the cartridge and put it on the paper when you are trying to print something. Dirty or malfunctioned metal contacts can disrupt the communication between the printer and cartridges and printer won’t be able to read instructions from the cartridges.

HP cartridge protection enabled on the printer:

Regular printer firmware is very important for the printer to function properly for coming years. But, sometimes an upgraded firmware can put a “cartridge protection lock” that blocks the cartridges from printing anything. This feature can be switched off by going to the printer’s control panel and changing the cartridges settings.

Incorrect or malfunctioned cartridge installed: In some scenarios, when you buy the ink cartridges from a local store like Amazon, Walmart, etc, the ink cartridges may be faulty or defective. So, your printer won’t be able to recognize these cartridges and it won’t allow you to print any document. Hence, it is always advised to buy the HP genuine ink cartridges from the official HP store.
Ink cartridges installed incorrectly: There may be some chance when you installed the ink cartridge, it was not placed properly to its designated location when you were installing the cartridge, so the printer won’t be able to detect the cartridge and it will give you the error message saying” No ink cartridge found”. All you have to do is to pull the main access door out and check if the cartridges are placed properly or not.

Fix Cartridge Not Recongnised Error

1. Replace the old cartridge with the brand new HP cartridge. In between, before turning the printer “On’ after changing the cartridge leave it “off” for 10 minutes.

2. Turn the printer power button “On” after changing the cartridge.

3. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet and plug your printer power cable back in the wall.

Connect the power cord

4 Press the power button on the printer to turn the printer back on.

Press Power Button

5. If it still does not work, clean the metal contact on the cartridges and printer where these two meet when you place the cartridge in the printer.


6. You can use soft cotton cloth or lint-free cloth to clean the contacts.
7. Reboot the printer and try to print something again.

After All, said & done check whether the printer works fine Or Not. Do Contact us Or drop the comment below for us to hear from you

How do I Print With Canon Printer Without Colored Ink?

Most of the printers today available in the market come with multiple cartridges installed in them. These different ink cartridges are used by the printer to print pictures and documents of various colors. Majority of printer don’t print until the empty cartridge is replaced with the brand new cartridge. There is one widely popular option called “Grayscale printing” option available to help you during bad times when your printer can’t print anymore due to one cartridge is left empty.

Replace the Ink Cartridge Error

Imagine the scenario, suppose a student has almost completed all his project related work and he has to submit the project file just within an hour to his college professor. He is trying his level best to impress his hard-hearted professor with all his skills. He quickly tries to print the file by hitting “CTRL” and “P”, and then he presses “OK” to let his trustworthy printer do its work, and then a devilish window pops up saying “Cannot print the document – Replace the ink cartridge”.

Before you start feeling upset and tensed, here are a few steps that could save you a lot of frustration and disappointment.

A number of printers will block you from printing With black ink also if the colored cartridge is empty. The good news is that you can explore and navigate around some settings that will save you from all the frustration that you may experience with your printer.

The first thing you can try is to restart your printer and make sure your printer is “ON”. Now, remove all the cartridges and wipe those metal contacts with a soft piece of cotton cloth.


Then put all the cartridges back in the printer and turn the Canon printer off and unplug the main power cable from the wall outlet. And, remove all the other cables that are connecting your printer with other devices such as USB cable or Ethernet cable.

Disconnect the Power Cord

Wait for a minute and plug all the cables back in. Now, turn the printer back on and try to print a document or a “test page” from printer properties to see if the printer is working fine.

Connect the power cord

In any case, if you stuck with your printer as it is not printing due to empty color cartridges?

Print Without Color Cartridge

Worry not, we will walk you through the steps to print from your Windows-based computer on a day when the color cartridges are empty. Please follow the below-mentioned steps before printing any document to resolve this issue:

  • Click on the “Start” option at the bottom left corner of your main windows screen.
  • Then, click on “Devices and Printers” and right click on your printer.
  • Go to the “Printing Preferences” option and select the checkbox right next to the “Grayscale printing” option.
  • Click “Apply” and then hit “Ok”.
  • Now, your Canon printer will print in black ink.

You see how simple was it to fix the issue. At any point of time, if you face any issues with your Canon printer, do visit our website and we will assist you then and there to resolve all your printer related troubles.

Now, your Canon printer will print in black ink.
You see how simple was it to fix the issue. At any point of time, if you face any issues with your Canon printer, do visit our website and we will assist you then and there to resolve all your printer related troubles.

Reset Canon Cartridge-

If after performing all those steps, your printer Is still not working, then there is one more option you can try. Most of the Canon ink cartridges have a hole above the circuitry. That is a memory reset button.

You need to press that button using a paper clip and your printer should start working now. We suggest you to always google your Canon printer model as some models may not have this reset button.
Unfortunately, it is also possible that all these options may not work since some printers are programmed not to print if one of the ink cartridges is low or some printer doesn’t even have the option available to print in “Grayscale printing” to prevent further damage to the printer. However, it is always worth trying these options out.

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Ink cartridge full Still Hp printer not printing. Why?

If the ink cartridges are full in HP printer but printer is still not printing, then it may be an issue with the ink cartridges. Sometimes, even if you replace the cartridges, the black ink cartridge does not work. The HP printer works fine but when you try to print the blank ink documents, it will print a blank document.

If you are facing these kinds of issue with your printers, such as missing colors or black ink not printing when you try to print something. There is a way to fix this issue. Don’t look somewhere else, we will guide you on how to fix these printing issues.

why HP Printer didn’t Print Even with Full cartridge

There are lots of reason that can cause your printer didn’t print even with full cartridges. So, let’s break down them one by one

Clogged heads – This reason happened in printers when the blockage in the head is so big and ink will not come out. Heads are mostly parts of printers but in some models, they appear in cartridges. This reason happened when you did not use printers for years. The way to solve this problem is exactly the same as in the case of erroneous impressions.

Clean Printer Head

The situation of the light – When you think that you fill the cartridge with ink and still you don’t get printing. The printer may be in error state. In this case first, you check the lights on printers. If lights are flashing see on a computer which error occurs. If no message appears to check manuals as the position of light varies with each one.

Placement & Quality of ink cartridges –

When you filled ink cartridges fully and still did not print anything then take a look at the cartridges and check they have been placed correctly or not. A most common mistake can cause this problem is the plastic strip. Sometimes you can forget to remove the plastic strip from the print cartridges which prevents the ink from leaking out. And another thing if you’re using remanufactured cartridges it may show the incorrect level of ink.

Printer Offline or Paused – Due to the offline or paused printer will not print. To avoid this open setting > Printer > and unchecked if the offline or Paused option is selected.

Standard Printer Troubleshooting-

Use the right port and drivers. If you have more than one printer and you are using on the same computer, the printer you attach with computer may not default printer or not support drivers. Check the configuration from your computer by following steps:

Click on start. > Open settings>Open Printers

See printers is the default if not then Set as default. Also, analyze by pressing right click and go to properties. From properties, you can check whether the printer using the correct port and driver.

Some time due to the application errors printers did not print which may be faulty or interfere with the printer driver in the wrong way. To check applications, open it and resubmit a print job. If the queue hangs again and to see the problem is with drivers or application try printing with notepad.

  • First of all, check the ink level in the cartridges and replace the ink cartridge that is running low on ink.
  • Make a note that low ink level warnings only provide you a reminder that ink is low. You do not need to replace the ink until print quality is poor.
  • You need to use the automated tool from the printer panel to clean the print head.
  • Turn the printer “ON”, hit the dash icon on the lower left corner on the printer’s control panel.
  • Touch the “down” or “up” navigation arrow to select the “Tools” and then press “ok”.
  • Go to the “clean print head” option and then press “ok”.
  • Now, the printer will start cleaning the printer head and you will hear a lot of noise coming out of the printer during this process.
  • Finally, a test page will come out when cleaning is complete and you can examine the quality of print and analyze it when the test page comes out.
  • If you find a defect in the printed piece of paper, you need to repeat the process several times.
  • Replace the problematic ink cartridge on time to prevent further damage to the printer.
  • If you don’t have a replacement cartridge available in stock, you can always use the printer in single cartridge print mode. If you remove the color ink cartridges, the printer will always print in black ink mode.
  • If you remove the black ink, then it will always print in color mode.

there Could be many other Minor Issues that Could Cause this Issue to the Printer. Let’s Understand & Fix the Problem in more depth –

How to Resolve The Problem

1- Lift up the lid on the printer, wait for ink cartridges to stop in the middle of the printer and then remove the printer cartridges from the print head unit.

2- Now, lift the lever on the right-hand side.
3- You need to take out the print head unit that holds and cradles the ink cartridges.

4- There you will see the print heads which are causing the issue.
5- Actually, what happens is that ink cartridges get clogged with the ink and prevents the printer head from printing.
6- If your printer is not printing any black ink, then it means the black ink nozzle is fully blocked in the print head.
7- If you simply run warm water to clean it out. Now, put the print heads back in the printer.

how to run the printer head under the warm water

What you need to do is, first take off the bridge on the print to allow the access easier to get the hold of printer head easily and then run it under the warm water.

Now, give it a clean thorough cleaning ensuring the dried ink is completely taken off from the print head and make sure there is no ink around the heads.
Now, wait for the printer head to get dried before inserting it back into the printer.
Load all the ink cartridges in the printer and turn the printer back on.
We always recommend using HP genuine ink cartridges.

we hope all this information did Help you. Please Comment below & let us know if you Need More Help

How to Clean Printhead Of Canon Pixma Printer?

Most of the Canon Inkjet printers have a removable print head that holds the ink cartridges inside the printer. If you have a color inkjet printer, it is really important that you print a couple of black and colored documents each and every week to maintain the ink circulation and keep the ink flowing to prevent ink clogging in the print head.

Basic cleaning of print head-

If the nozzles on the print head are blocked and dried out, you will need to remove the dried ink. Normally, an ink nozzle has a diameter of around 40-45 microns which is like ½ of the natural human hair.

Generally, you can clear the minor clogged ink nozzles using the printer cleaning utility found in the Canon printer software package. However, if the cleaning of nozzles by using this utility does not do its work in clearing the ink and improving the print quality, then you need not give up and you don’t need to purchase a brand new printer or a new print head (which costs almost same as a new printer).

We will guide you through steps to troubleshoot this issue without any cost or no cost at all. Following are the steps to perform more Troubleshooting-

Fix the Ink Clogging issues –

Try out these simple techniques to remove the clogged ink from the printer head
1- Navigate to the printer properties option and then click on the “Maintenance” tab. Now, click on the clean icon and follow the onscreen instructions to clean the specific ink cartridges.

2- You need to repeat the above-mentioned steps several times if the print quality is badly affected.
3- Click on the deep cleaning option if cleaning did not fix the issue.

4- Again repeat the steps and choose the correct ink group, if needed you may need to perform deep cleaning multiple times as well before you notice any improvement.
5- If even after cleaning and deep cleaning, you still see no improvement in print quality, then take out the printer head and clean it manually.
6- Lift the printer access door and print carriage will automatically move to the centre position.
7- Now, press the tab on each cartridge and then lift to remove the cartridges from the printer.
8- Lift the latch to unlock and release the print head and then lift the print head out of the printer.

Perform Manual Print Head Cleaning

• Remove all the ink cartridges and print head. Remove all the ink tanks from the tank holder and store them in a plastic bag or a sealed ziplock bag. Store them in a safer place in an upright position.

• Immerse the print head in the water. There are several methods to clean the print head such as:

• Grab a shallow small pan and put down 2-3 paper towels underneath the container to avoid the print head circuitry from getting contact damage.
• Heat up the boiled or bottled water to cover the pieces of paper towel. You can also utilize the 50/50 mixture of distilled water and ammonia.
• Now, heat up the mixture for a minute or two and make sure it’s not boiling.
• Slowly and gently pour the water over the paper towels so that you have half of the mixture of the liquid in the bottom of the pan.
• Place the print head in the container on top of the layer of paper towels. You will see the ink spilling out of the print head. Move and rotate the print head multiple times each minute to a different position and shake it so that the clogged ink will be cleared out.
• In case, if the ink is badly clogged then leave it immersed for 3-4 hours and you can move it a little bit every hour to a different direction.
• After it’s done, reassemble the print head and reinstall it into the printer.

• Pull down the locking lever till it snaps into its place and then reinstalls all the cartridges.
• Close the printer access door and perform the print head alignment and all the other adjustments that are included in the printer manual.

An alternative method for cleaning the print head

1- Prepare a mixture of warm water and a glass cleaner such as Windex, and place it in a shallow wide container.
2- Pour enough water in the container that covers the print head base and all the ink ports.
3- Leave it there for 2 hours and then remove the print head from the mixture and gently scrub the base and ink nozzles with an old brush with soft bristles.

4- Do not scrub the metal contacts on the print head and don’t worry if they get soaked in the mix.
5- Now, put the print head unit back into the mixture and stir it gently.
6- Flush the print head with clean water.

7- After rinsing the print head with clear water, shake it dry and place it on a dry paper towel. You can use an air dryer on minimal setting to dry the print head.
8- Reinsert the printer head and cartridges back into the printer and perform a print head alignment.

9- If necessary, you can also perform printer head cleaning using the printer’s utility.
10- Perform the nozzle checks to see the progress and repeat, if necessary

see if all these steps help you fix the Problem & clean the print head. Please Comment below & let us know if you need More help.

Good Luck

How to Connect Canon Printer With Wireless?

Today, we will discuss how to connect and set up the Canon wireless printer on your windows laptop or desktop computer. The Canon printer can be easily installed wirelessly either by connecting it first to the internet or attaching your printer directly to your computer via USB cable and let the computer setup and install the printer itself.

Getting Ready to Install –

1- First, ensure that the printer is plugged in and powered “ON”. – If your printer required the “Ethernet cable” to connect and access the internet, you need to connect the Ethernet cable to the printer from the router.

2- Ensure that you have installation software to install the printer on your computer. If your Canon printer came with an installation disk, you will need to install the software on the computer by inserting the CD into your computer. Then, let the installation software run by itself before you set up the printer on the wireless network. Unlike latest Canon printers, some printers require you to install the printer software package from the CD before you can use the printer.

a) In order to install the printer via CD, you need to first insert the disk into the computer and, run the printer setup and follow the onscreen instructions. In case of MacBook, you will need the external CD ROM drive to install the software for your Canon printer.

b) you can Download the Canon Software From Offical Canon Website & Start The Setup Process.

Setup Canon Printer With Wireless

3- Establish the internet connection on the printer: This includes using the Printer LCD panel and run the “network setup wizard” utility to connect the printer to the network by selecting the network you want to connect the printer with and enter the “Network Security key”. ‘

4- Make sure that printer is connected to the same network as your computer is: In order to receive wireless print commands from your wireless devices, your printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which your other devices are connected with. If you find out that your computer is connected to a different network, then change the network and connect the computer to the same network.
5- Installing the Canon printer on the Windows computer – Open settings on the computer by clicking on the “Gear” icon on the left bottom corner of your windows home page and then choose “devices”.

6- Click on “printer and scanners” on the left-hand side and click on “Add Printer”, a pop window will show up and if you see your printer’s name such as Canon (printer’s model name), click on that. You will need to click on “connect” and you will find out that your Canon wireless printer is already connected to the computer.

Add a Printer

7- Try to install the printer on network using the USB cable connection – If you are unable to see your printer in the “Add printer and scanner” list, you need to first install the printer using the USB cable with your computer.
Attach the USB cable between computer and printer and then wait for 2-3 minutes so that the computer can recognize the printer. Now, go to Canon’s official driver’s site for printers and download the latest version of the software for your Canon printer.
After you download the Canon printer software package, run the software and when connection method window appears, you need to choose the ” wireless setup using the USB cable”.

Now, it will show you the list of available networks on the window.
Now, choose the network you want to connect your printer with, and enter the “Network Security key” for your WiFi network. You need to now click connect and once the printer is successfully connected, you can go ahead and try to print any document

Hope all this information Helps you Setup Canon printer with wireless. Please comment below & let us know if you need more help.

Setup Canon Pixma Wireless Printer with an IOS device

Today, we will discuss how to set up a Canon Pixma printer on the wireless network with the help of an IOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone using the cable less setup.

Install The Canon App

First of all, download the Canon print app on your IOS device. In order to install the app, click on the App store icon and hit the search box icon at the bottom of the screen. In the box, type in “Canon print” then tap search and then tap the “Canon print” icon and the continue the software download and installation process.

After the Canon app is successfully installed on the IOS device, it’s time to set up the printer. First of all, make sure the printer is plugged in and powered “ON” and to ensure that take a look at the green light next to the power button. The green light will be lit up when there is power on the printer.

Now, check the “Blue” Wi-Fi lamp on the printer, this lamp should be flashing blue. If the Wi-Fi light is solid or not blinking, then you need to hold down the Wi-Fi button until the amber lamp starts flashes 2 times and then release the button. Now, the Wi-Fi lamp should start blinking blue quickly and the power light is lit.

Configure the Wireless Setting

Tap the Canon Print icon on the IOS device and then follow all the on-screen instructions on the “Canon Print app” screen.

Then on the main screen of the app, click on “Add Printer” option, tap “Register Printer” and then click on “printer setup”.

Now, click on “connect via a wireless router” and now a screen will show up asking you to connect your device to the “Canon IJ setup” network via Wi-Fi connection.

You need to go from “Canon print app” into settings option of your device, then go to Wi-Fi option and then click on the” Canon IJ setup” network. Once your IOS device is connected to the Canon setup network, go back to the “Canon print” app and hit “ok”.

After that, you need to select the access point or the network you would like to connect your Canon printer with and then enter the “Network key” of your wireless network and hit “ok”.

Now, the network configuration setting will be sent to your Canon Pixma printer when the message saying” Sent the Settings” pops up on your device’s screen and tap on “ok” button. Do not forget to ensure that the printer is detected and click on your printer’s name when is appears on the screen and your printer will be connected to your device on which you want to use the printer.

When a message shows that says” you can now register your Canon printer under a name of your choice. Enter the printer name”, just click “ok”. Congrats! Your Canon Pixma printer is successfully connected to your wireless network and ready for printing from your device.

Canon printer won’t print after setup, what can I do to fix it?

Canon is an electronics device manufacturing company that create a vast variety of products like Computer printers, Scanners, Fax machines and much more. Normally, Canon printer for a computer can connect directly to your PC into the US port of the computer through the regular USB cable and print any document you wish to print from your computer. However, in case your Canon printer stopped printing any document, you need to detect the issue causing it to not to print and try to fix the issues by yourself at home before you take the printer to a local service centre.

How to Fix Error E04,E05,E14 & E15 in Canon Pixma

As we all know that Canon printer is the most recognized and popular printer in the world. When it comes to getting the print outs, the Canon printer is the most reliable and sophisticated printers in the world.
There is a nothing quite worst like an unprecedented Canon Pixma Error message when you try to print something and printer simply will make you scratch your head in disappointment or hit one of the nearby walls with your hand.
Nowadays, most of the customer using Canon Pixma Inkjet printers, face issues with their printers such as E04, E05, E14, and E15 error codes.

Why these error messages show up on Canon printers?

Especially, the Canon Pixma error messages show up when your Canon printer is having trouble recognizing one or more cartridges installed in the printer.

Also, These cartridge issues could be caused by several reasons. If your cartridge is not installed correctly in the printer or if the cartridge is stuck in the drum and not able to move. Sometimes, if a cartridge is not inserted in the printer, then it can also cause the printer E04, E05, E14, and E15 error codes.

Sometimes, if there is excess dust or ink spread on the cartridges can stop the printer to read the instructions properly from the cartridge, and the errors could occur on the printer. In most of the cases, if the metallic golden contacts have become visibly or internally damaged while handling the cartridge, it may cause the printer to stop printing.
In most of the cases, the printer errors codes related to cartridges happen when you are using refurbished or third-party ink cartridges. However, you can still print from the printer by using the compatible cartridges in the printer. You just need to provide your printer a little bit of time to let it recognize the printer cartridges, that’s all.

What steps to follow to fix the error codes

The following steps will assist you successfully fix the Canon printer E04, E05, E14 & E15 error codes:
1- First of all, take all the cartridges out of the printer.
2- Power off the printer using the power button, but not from the main switch on the wall.

Press Power Button

3- Using a soft piece of clean cotton cloth, carefully wipe the golden metallic strips located on the front of the cartridges.

Clean Golden part carefully

4- This is the main reason that helps your printer to read the instructions from the cartridge. Hence, make sure you clean the waste ink or dirt from the cartridges completely.
5- Now, turn the printer back on.
6- With extreme care, put the cartridge back into the printer and making sure that they are inserted correctly and always go through the printer manual that come with the printer.

If luck is with you, your printer will start printing fine without giving you an error code like E04, E05, E14 & E15. If Canon printer still won’t print, it implies that your ink cartridges are damaged, unfortunately. Now, you need to replace the old cartridge with the new original Canon ink cartridges.
IF your printer is old and you have replaced cartridges multiple times without any good results, your printer head may be bad or cartridges contacts inside the printer may be damaged as well

we are hoping that all of this Trouble Gets Resolved by this Article However if you Need More Help Please Contact us Or Drop a Comment & we will Come up with More updated information on the topic.

thank you for your time, Good luck

Canon Printer Won’t Print | Fix Canon Printer Offline Problem

Most of the times, printer problems occur during highly critical times. Today we are going to assist you with the steps to troubleshoot your Canon printer if it stopped printing and you are using your computer, smartphone or tablet to print documents.

Canon printers can work for several years and are capable of printing thousands of documents but at times they can stop working or malfunction completely. Sometimes one may face printing issues due to almost zero mistakes such as underuse of the printer. The printer looks great when they are in a functional state but they look worst when they are not working. It can be extremely frustrating sometimes when you face general issues with your printer.

Why Canon Won’t Print –

There could be Hundreds of reasons why your printer is not printing. Like Inkjet printers are ideal of everyday printing But you don’t use the Canon Inkjet printer often enough they may stop functioning. It can cause printer issues such as blocked ink nozzles, print head issues, etc. Overuse of inkjet printers is far less common than the underuse of the printer. Sometimes, paperclips, pieces of papers, hair bands can fall into the printer causing paper jams and worst.

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First of all, start with the basic troubleshooting such as-

  • check for any error message on the printer panel display or computer screen if the printer is connected to the computer.
  • check for any warning lamp flashing or lit up as it may be a sign of internal printer error such as paper jam.
  • make sure there is no stray paper in the tray, make sure the ink cartridges are not empty,
Check Canon Printer ink Level
  • in case of hardwired Connection Please Check if the USB cable is properly connected to the printer
  • if you are Connected with Wireless Network Then check if computer and printer are not disconnected from WIFI that you’re Using to Print Wirelessly.
  • Reboot the Printer & Wireless Router Both & check if it Works & to Ensure it Print a Test Document to check the status.
Press Power Button

Fix Canon Printer Offline issues-

there could be many instances in which you may find Your Printer Offline. Know What may cause Canon to Go Offline-

  • Loose & Disconnected USB Or Wireless Connection
  • Change in Network Or Router Settings Can Also Make Printer Offline
  • Non Activity Or Slow Internet (Frequent Connection)
  • The Canon printer is Not Set As Default Printer.
  • Firmware Updates Available for Printer Or Router
  • Incompatible Printer Driver Or Virtual Printer Copy

Let’s See How You Could Fix the problem-

Network Reset –

If you are using a wireless printer and suddenly the printer is showing offline, you need to connect the printer directly to the computer via USB cable. Perform the “Network Reset” using the network setup wizard from the printer control panel and then initiate the “Wireless Setup Wizard” to connect the printer back to the network.

Set Canon As Default Printer –

Ensure that correct printer is selected as a default – Sometimes when you install any third party software such as PDF creation tools, it may add a virtual copy of the printer in the control panel and that Virtual printer is set as default automatically by the computer. Therefore, when you try to print a document, it gives you options like to “save a file or document” in your computer’s local drive instead of sending the document for printing by the installed Canon printer.
To check that no other virtual copy or incompatible printer drivers are installed, you need to go to the “Control Panel”, then click on “printers and devices” and make a right click on the correct printer installed and then choose “set as a default” option.

While doing that ensure that printer status is set to “Ready”, if not there may be an internal problem with the printer such as lost connection, ink cartridges issue, Paper feed rollers issue and much more.

After setting the default printer, make sure the correct printer is checked marked, from where you are trying to print from. If you are using a windows based computer, Microsoft has an inbuilt printer troubleshoot utility that may assist you to find and fix the most of the issues. For using the Microsoft device troubleshooter, you need to make a right click on the printer and select the “Troubleshoot” option and follow the steps provided by the utility and your printer will be in working state as usual.

If you are still facing issues, then you need to check for ink cartridges as they should not be empty and run the printer setup again from the scratch after performing “factory default reset” and then try to print documents.

Reset the Printer

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How to Fix paper jam issue in Canon Pixma Printer

First of all, make sure there is no waste paper or a paper clip in the printer output and input tray and then you need to try to pull the stuck paper slowly and then sometimes you will be able to remove it from the paper output tray. But, sometime you won’t be capable to do. In that case, you need to turn the printer around and you will be able to see a latch with an arrow pointing to the left side.
Now, you need to push the latch towards left-hand side and it would open up the printer. You will now, be able to see the paper jammed inside the printer. So you can take the paper out in a very slow gentle manner. Be careful, if you try to pull the paper out forcibly it may damage the printer sensors and it would stop detecting the paper in the tray.

paper is badly stuck, not coming out –

in certain cases, you may face issues taking the paper out even slowly and gently because the paper is badly stuck in the printer rollers and print head.

In such cases, you need to turn the printer on and the paper will come out through the way where the cartridges are installed.

Press Power Button

You can then turn the cartridges to the left or right corner and take out the paper from the tray.

Also, make sure there are no pieces of paper left behind as these residual paper pieces can get stuck in the printer when you try to print a document again.

How to fix Canon Laser printer paper jam?

First of all, verify that there is a paper jam in the Canon LaserJet printer. In certain case, your printer may show you error messages on the printer screen that there is a paper jam in the printer and in some printers you will see the power light keep flashing indicating that the printer is unable to print.

Please Follow these steps to resolve the paper jam issue:
1- Turn the printer “Off” and wait for few seconds and turn the printer back on.

Connect the power cord

2- Sometimes, the paper jam will be automatically cleared out by the printer during the power cycle.
3- If it does not clear the error message, turn the printer “off” and unplug the power cable from the printer.

Disconnect the Power Cord

4- Take out the toner cartridges and paper access tray for better access to the jammed paper. Make sure you store the cartridge in a dark place as the cartridge drum is light sensitive.
5- Try to find out the location of the jammed paper inside the printer and follow the path of the paper going in from the feeder to the output tray.

6- If you see the paper jammed, gently remove it. If you still don’t see the paper, there is an access hatch in the printer’s back panel.
7- Now, remove all the paper pieces stuck between the printer rollers and pull the paper out in the direction of regular motion and do not put excessive force on the rollers.

clean your printer

8- If you try to forcibly remove the paper from the printer, it may damage some delicate parts of the printer and use both hands while removing the paper.
9- After removing the printer, try to find some foreign objects such as paper clip, a loose paper which may cause paper jam in the future.

10-Use a Small Compressed Air Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Such Foreign Objects & Dirt Every Once in While Out of your Printer.

If paper jammed deep inside the printer fuser-

If the paper is jammed deeper in the fuser, your fingers may not reach the paper. In that case, try to remove paper using the pincers. You need to pay very close attention as scratches on the roller can permanently damage the printing quality. In some models, you can remove the fuser unit and rotate the gears manually that feeds the paper in the printer.

Remove paper at Fuser of the printer

To avoid paper jam in the future, never fill the tray to the full capacity and make sure the feedings on the tray are aligned properly. Now, clean the paper feed rollers with alcohol and if you have a frequent paper jam in the printer. You need to replace damp paper in the tray.

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